Koran Angelfish

Characteristic Details Lifespan 10-12 years Temperature 72-78°F (22-26°C) Min size 7 inches (18 cm) Max size 10 inches (25 cm) Species Pomacanthus semilarvatus Family Pomacanthidae Scientific Name Pomacanthus semilarvatus Origin Indian Ocean, Western Pacific Diet & Nutrition Omnivorous, requires a varied diet of meaty foods, herbivore preparations, and algae-based foods Breeding Rarely breeds in captivity …

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Pink Angelfish

Pink Angelfish: A Guide to This Striking Aquarium Species Characteristic Detail Lifespan 5-10 years Temperature 72 to 78°F Min size 4 to 5 inches Max size 4 to 5 inches Species Centropyge boylei Family Pomacanthidae Scientific Name Centropyge boylei Origin Pacific Ocean Diet & Nutrition Omnivore, requiring a balanced diet of both plant and animal …

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French Angelfish

French Angelfish: A Majestic and Colorful Marine Fish Characteristics Information Lifespan Up to 10 years Temperature 74 to 82°F Min size 6 inches Max size 12 inches Species French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) Family Pomacanthidae Scientific Name Pomacanthus paru Origin Western Atlantic (Florida to Caribbean) Diet & Nutrition Omnivores (brine shrimp, krill, algae, seafood, pellet and …

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Koi Angelfish

Koi Angelfish: The Beautiful and Majestic Fish for Your Aquarium Characteristic Details Lifespan 10 to 12 years Temperature 75 to 82°F Min size 6 inches Max size 6 inches Species Angelfish Family Cichlid Scientific Name Pterophyllum scalare Origin South America Diet & Nutrition Omnivores (pellets, flakes, frozen food, live food) Breeding Peaceful during non-breeding season, …

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King Angelfish

King angelfish, also known as Pomacanthus Imperator, is a species of marine fish that belongs to the Pomacanthidae family. It is a popular species among saltwater aquarium hobbyists due to its striking coloration and graceful swimming behavior. King angelfish are found in the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, where they inhabit coral reefs …

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