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Welcome to Fishgenix!

We’re a team of ichthyologists who love to talk about fish. We’ve been helping people to who love fish as pets for years, and we want to share our knowledge with the world.

We created Fishgenix because we want to help people learn about fish keeping. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fish keeper, we hope you’ll find our website helpful.

We have a passion for fish and want to help other people who share that same passion. We have a wealth of knowledge about fish and their diseases, and we want to share that knowledge with as many people as possible.

We created this website as a way to reach out to other fish enthusiasts and provide them with the information they need to keep their fish healthy and happy. We hope that our site will be a valuable resource for all fish lovers. We want to make Fishgenix the best resource for fish keeping information on the internet.

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